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A new idea of kitchen, tailored, Made in Italy
Pittori, woodworkers since 1931
Our idea of kitchen
6 sensations through which to develop your kitchen project.
Without limits of creativity
A new idea of kitchen, tailored, Made in Italy
Pittori, woodworkers since 1931
Our idea of cooking
6 sensations through which to work out your kitchen design. Unlimited creativity.

We do not simply build, we carefully create using only the best materials and technologies. This means that anyone-architects, interior designers, or clients-who chooses a Pittori kitchen receives something special, uniquely and exclusively made.

Tailoring and attention to details

In addition to the “tailoring personalization”, the Pittori 1931 kitchens are distinguished by the attention to detail and quality of the materials used. Every realization is a result of a combination between the tradition of the past and the contemporary of the present thanks to the processing of valuable materials such as: wood essence, marble, leathers and metals.

The Kitchen, the Home.

The kitchen is the most important part of a home. It is the place where you prepare meals for your family, share stories at the end of the day, and entertain guests. It is the room that acts as a hearth and best expresses the personality of those who live in the home. The design of such an important space should not be underestimated and for this reason Pittori 1931 has always been committed to creating top-quality handcrafted kitchens, carefully choosing materials and finishes.

“The experience of many years allows us to be today a partner of great experience and reliability for every type of customer, professional and not”

The customization of custom-made kitchens is the service par excellence of Pittori 1931. The attention paid to the smallest details, the careful choice of materials with which to cover the doors or the kitchen worktops, are the first steps that allow to give a clear and precise identity to one of the most intimate and shared spaces of all the home, the kitchen. The personalization of the home is not an easy task: it is necessary to take into account the color, the elegance and the cleanliness of the lines without counting on the different and personal people needs.

In our company, innovation and research linked to a “tailoring” processing of materials are the key elements that make the personalization of custom-made kitchens something unique and rare. Technical experts and skilled artisans interpret the excellence of craftsmanship every day with skill and experience, creating absolutely exclusive products.

For us at Pittori 1931, the kitchen reveals the beauty of past crafts and enhances the precious materials, giving tactile sensations that awaken the strong bond with tradition.

The kitchen is the convivial space par excellence where bonds and relationships are created, it transcends its primary function of food preparation, becoming a space of life and sharing

Craftsmanship and industrialization, the two souls of Pittori 1931.

Pittori1931 kitchens are produced with artisanal criteria that derive from the best tradition of Italian know-how, understood as the acquisition of a material, historical and aesthetic culture. The high level of manual skill is combined with reliability, technical applications and consolidated industrial methodologies. The mood of craftsmanship can therefore count on a solid and cutting-edge production structure that guarantees constant quality control.

The emblem of Made in Italy.

"In our philosophy, standardization is not contemplated, each product becomes a dress able to tell the personality and the nature of the wearer"

"Sara Pittori"

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