Craftsmanship and industrialization, the two souls of Pittori 1931

Pittori1931 kitchens are produced with artisanal criteria that derive from the best tradition of Italian know-how, understood as the acquisition of a material, historical and aesthetic culture. The high level of manual skill is combined with reliability, technical applications and consolidated industrial methodologies. The mood of craftsmanship can therefore count on a solid and cutting-edge production structure that guarantees constant quality control.

The Pittori 1931 custom-made kitchens perfectly express the union between tradition and innovation and between aesthetics and functionality. Each combination represents an unmistakable Made in Italy lifestyle, with precious materials and refined details, fully customizable. The main focus of Pittori 1931 is to bring design and beauty inside the homes thanks to its custom-made kitchens. The production of the Pittori 1931 kitchens is a real design furniture “tailoring”, the beating heart of the company. The art of knowing how to work wood, a distinctive element of the company, linked to the decades of experience of skilled and experienced carpenters have allowed the company to expand the offer, specializing in other valuable natural materials.

The company has always paid particular attention to the research and quality of the materials that are used in the kitchen: from traditional wood to lacquering, from marbles to leathers, to the most innovative metals. The know-how of skilled artisans, combined with new production technologies, allows the company to transform any kind of essence into distinctive elements, to work a natural material like marble in its every declination, to insert precious details in leather, to shape rigid metals. This modus operandi is traceable in each Pittori 1931 customized kitchen and, allows you to create fascinating architectural plays of stark contrast, allowing the customers to express themselves as they wish, making the kitchen environment full of emotions and of unique sensations.

In the Pittori 1931 philosophy is not contemplated standardization, each product becomes a “dress” able to tell the personality and the nature of the wearer. The company’s high flexibility is found in the customization of the product. Every Pittori 1931 customized kitchen is completely custom-made to respond perfectly to every request of the customer: architect, interior designer, enthusiast of the sector. Tradition, technology, quality and excellence, therefore, find a new dimension in Pittori 1931 custom-made kitchens with absolute stylistic rigour and design, where every wish becomes possible.

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