Pittori, a family tradition since 1931

Every day we build kitchens by interpreting the dreams and needs of families around the world, while fully respecting the environment. We dream that our products bring moments of happiness to every home in the world, giving experiences of conviviality in an environment close to one's needs.

“The experience of many years allows us to be today a partner of great experience and reliability for every type of customer, professional and not”

The Pittori 1931 kitchens story was born in Matelica, in the heart of Italy, among the gentle hills of Marche. The family-run business for three generations, started in 1931 thanks to the great passion and dedication of the Pittori family for woodworking. Everything starts from the classic village workshop, the emblem of Made in Italy. A small carpentry where you can breathe the air of craftsmanship, sacrifices and the desire to create something as beautiful as, doors and windows strictly made of wood. At a certain point, the Pittori 1931 story starts to take shape like a wooden structure: from a rough and irregular shape it is slowly modeled and refined.

The know-how and the passion of the Pittori Family for the production of handmade wooden products were so well recognized and appreciated that the demand grew very much. Therefore the small village workshop moved to a larger laboratory, until it reached a 4,000 square meters factory, able to hold different machines used to cover the entire furniture production process. This small “revolution” has allowed the company to specialize in other quality materials and expand its offer: from the production of doors and windows we have moved on to the creation of fully customizable designer kitchens, but also modern and contemporary living spaces.


Pittori, a family tradition since 1931


Craftsmanship and industrialization, the two souls of Pittori 1931


The quality referred to the smallest detail, with which Pittori 1931 artisanal creations are embellished, is a fundamental added value for the company.


Sustainability is our central commitment, our attention is paid not only to the choice of materials, but also to the habits we adopt.
We are committed to preserving our planet, aware that every decision counts for future generations.

Respect for your privacy is our priority

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