The project, which is wide-ranging because it extends to other rooms in addition to the kitchen, came about as a result of collaboration with a leading London architectural firm. The project includes the layout of the kitchen, laundry room and closets. The common thread in all rooms is the continuity of materials and tailoring details. There were two main requests: that the adjacent laundry room be furnished with the same finishes as the kitchen and that the access to it be completely integrated.

The entrance to the laundry room was therefore solved with an accessorised door with concealed hinges that is fully integrated with the wall, which also houses a series of full-height pantry tall units in which the two central illuminated display cabinets with glass shelves stand out. The laundry room was also completely custom-made with the same type of door and finish used for the kitchen. The doors are textured matte lacquered and have the upper profile cut at a 45-degree angle to allow them to open. In addition to the kitchen, the client’s requests also extended to the sleeping area with the creation of a series of custom-made wardrobes.

Here, the choice of customised wood-effect interiors and custom lacquering provide a precise and clear idea of the actual design and production capabilities of our company, which is perfectly equipped to switch from modular systems to stand-alone systems without any problem, always maintaining the highest level of finish, customisation and quality.

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