This project was born within an old renovated farmhouse, the basic idea was to harmoniously integrate our kitchen with modern lines within a space with a rustic flavor.
This kitchen was completely custom designed to meet all the client's needs, in fact the peninsula, given the extraordinary height of the homeowners, was made to a custom height of 96 cm.
The doors of the peninsula are textured matte lacquered and have the top profile cut at 45° to allow for opening, the top is a 20 mm thick Dekton ZENITH with integrated sink.
The doors of the columns are matte lacquered, and for opening, milled handles have been made that are lacquered in the same color as the door so that they are not too impactful and remain almost completely invisible.
The interior of the columns with recessed doors features a mix of natural oak and stainless steel that gives warmth but at the same time also functionality to the kitchen.

Private home
Respect for your privacy is our priority

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