The project is characterised by a spectacular motorised up-and-down element completely customised to the owner’s specific requirements. The solution stems from the need to create, during the preparation phase, a suitable visual barrier for diners, which, at the same time, is also absolutely effective from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Functionality is thus ensured by the stainless steel cladding and the concealed electrical socket on the inside, with the specific aim of achieving the practicality of an ordinary kitchen back panel. The aesthetics are also satisfied by the illuminated niches used as bottle and glass holders.

The peninsula doors, in textured matt lacquer, feature a 45° machined top profile for opening. For the tall unit doors, also lacquered, we opted instead for an opening by means of a stainless steel handle lacquered in the same colour as the doors. The interior of the tall unit with recessed doors was made of two-tone walnut with a custom stain to match the parquet flooring in the house. The top is made of 12 mm thick Dekton DOMOOS with an integrated sink.

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