A Belgian family chose to renovate an old wooden farmhouse a few hundred metres from the centre of Cupramontana (Marche), in the heart of the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi area.

The architecture studio that oversaw the project tried to retrieve as much as possible from the old artefact in order to insert it in the new building: from the terracotta tiles, entirely restored, to the oak beams skilfully transformed by local craftsmen into tables and shelves.

The completely custom-made kitchen stands out clearly from the rustic context of the building. The material selected for the modern and functional island and the tall units behind it is Fenix NTM, the latest generation of ultrasoft laminate.

The stainless steel top is custom-made by Scholtes with an ultra-slim edge, with integrated in-line hob and integrated one-bowl sink. The downdraft flush-mounted hood is by Barazza. All other appliances are from the Gaggenau 200 series.

Private home
Architetto Giorgio Balestra
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