This kitchen, completely custom-made, employs very special solutions and reflects the designer’s wishes and the client’s specific requirements in every detail. The large central island is a white monolith from which the large sliding oak table with 45° edge starts. All panels, including the Corian top, feature 45° edges in order to obtain a monolithic island block.

The sliding oak top is moved by special runners that make the movement fluid and silent. All doors and drawers open using a push-pull mechanism. Countless details make this creation a clear example of the style and strength of Pittori 1931’s production. The wall block, which is also completely custom-made, is characterised by the large workspace framed by solid oak panels.

The top is also in solid oak suitably treated to reduce absorption and stains. Drawers and doors, as on the island, are all fitted with push pull mechanisms in order to avoid handles and channels and achieve absolute formal cleanliness. Details in black, such as the laminam back panel of the tall units, the fragranite sink, the sliding table support and the appliances give character to the entire composition.

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