Pittori 1931 custom-made kitchens personalization

The customization of custom-made kitchens is the service par excellence of Pittori 1931. The attention paid to the smallest details, the careful choice of materials with which to cover the doors or the kitchen worktops, are the first steps that allow to give a clear and precise identity to one of the most intimate and shared spaces of all the home, the kitchen. The personalization of the home is not an easy task: it is necessary to take into account the color, the elegance and the cleanliness of the lines without counting on the different and personal people needs.

In the company, innovation and research linked to a “tailoring” processing of materials are the key elements that make the personalization of custom-made kitchens something unique and rare. Technical experts and skilled artisans interpret the excellence of craftsmanship every day with skill and experience, creating absolutely exclusive products. In the case of Pittori 1931, the kitchen reveals the beauty of past crafts and enhances the precious materials, giving tactile sensations that awaken the strong bond with tradition.

The kitchen becomes a significant place to live and fully share, total expression of the personal taste of each individual.

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