Clean lines for a kitchen with a fresh flavor

An island and an operational block are the two elements that characterize this kitchen, facing each other.

The island is a solid volume in marble used both on the countertop and cabinet doors, where the veins of the stone define the geometry of the shapes and soften the dark tone by adding light-toned nuances. The sink at one end of the island, slightly elevated from the countertop, is the only element that creates movement and breaks the linearity.

The wall block is characterized by columns with folding doors that hide an operational area entirely in stainless steel. The doors of the columns have a metal effect lacquer which is in full harmony with the steel inside and with the stone of the island, it gives freshness to the entire composition, making the kitchen extremely contemporary

Precious finishes

The combination of natural stone, steel and metallic lacquer gives a full sensation of freshness to this composition. The skilful processing of these materials underlines their elegance and exclusivity.

Refined details

The choice to use the same material for both the doors and the grooves allowed the island to give the appearance of a monolithic block of marble.

The columns with pocket doors hide inside them a special stainless steel door with integrated handle.


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