Shapes and volumes that create elegance

It arises from the study of the composition of shapes and volumes, solids and voids within a space: through subtraction operations or plays of shapes on different planes, from the sense of lightness or heaviness that one aims to achieve, and from the continuity of elements: all aspects that make us perceive this kitchen as an entity with different faces, depending on the point of view, but with a single and unique soul.

For the cabinet doors, light ash wood was used, where vertical veins contrast with the horizontal processing, providing a double texture and greater materiality; the door protrudes from the countertop to emphasize the concept of full volume.

A door that covers on one side and on the other leaves visible the stone chosen for the countertop, the Croatian breccia, which becomes light on one side, to create a space for convivial and sharing, and heavy on the other with a monolithic block.

To mark the rhythm and modularity, elements reminiscent of oxidized metal were inserted, giving life to a structure that supports the countertop. This structure is made up of blocks with different heights that further underline this play of shapes.

The same oxidized metal finish is also applied on the doors of the columns which, thanks to the width of the surface, the shade of color is visible in all its majesty.

Precious finishes

A blend of exclusive naturalness. From the light ash of the doors and structures to the Croatian breccia, a stone with a strong pattern and subtle color, held together by a shaded and oxidized lacquer.

Refined details

In this composition the volume of the kitchen is emphasized by the type of door characterized by a milling perpendicular to the grain of the wood and an inclined upper cut.

The doors of the columns are characterized by a series of millings that degrade with verticality combined with the shade of color that simulates the oxidation of the metal. Inside the columns with recessed doors we find a further operational block with a stone worktop.


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