A timeless kitchen


The concept behind this kitchen was to create a timeless work, always relevant and enduring.

Hence the choice of using natural oak as the main element, emphasizing the lines and volume of this island. At the same time the tone of the chosen wood essence warms the environment and softens the island block.

To break the overall color scheme, in contrast to the warmth of the wood, a steel countertop has been introduced, hosting the operational functions of the kitchen. In the rear part of the island the two suspended shelves give lightness and balance to the geometry of the island block.

Precious finishes

The extreme naturalness of Oak is contrasted with steel, the warmest of materials combined with the coldest in a game of opposites that come together.

Refined details

For this kitchen, in order to have a continuity of materials between inside and outside, all the interiors and drawers were made in natural oak in the same finish as the doors. Another added value of this composition are the island doors veneered in natural oak with continuous horizontal grain which make it a unique and inimitable piece.


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