A welcoming kitchen that envelops you in an embrace, a harmony of Style

A continuous line, which envelops and embraces you. The layout of this kitchen starts with a block of columns on one side, continues with base units and peninsula, until reaching the snack table on the other side.

The white of the doors is the material that acts as a common thread and unites the various elements of the kitchen, the marble of the worktop, the wood and the fluted matt lacquer for the wall units. This combination of materials creates a play of light/dark that gives the kitchen more facets, making it different from every angle but without losing its uniqueness.

Precious finishes

This composition is fundamentally characterized by the dichotomy between light and dark. The dark is embodied by the quintessential natural material, granite, here in black with prominent light veins, while the light is accentuated by a matte white lacquer finish on the cabinet doors, all bound together by wood-effect inserts.

Refined details

A simple and clean hinged door combined with a horizontal groove that gives linear continuity to the composition and at the same time allows the door to be gripped and opened. The groove profile is enriched by a perimeter LED light which creates a welcoming atmosphere and highlights the details.


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