Elegance and resilience, an harmony of Style

A dark and massive base seems to support a monolithic block of marble, interrupted by a walnut insert that breaks up the geometry and gives lightness to the solid and compact composition.

The particularity of this kitchen is given by the stone material which creates with its texture a play of depth and transparencies, colors and shapes.

The column area has a brushed metal finish and the bar element in canaletto walnut veneer completes the composition, giving a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Precious finishes

The trinity of materials in this kitchen enhances its form and composition. From the preciousness and exclusivity of the stone to the warmth of the wood, and to the cleanliness and elegance of the lacquered brushed steel effect, the craftsmanship of this composition is highlighted.

Refined details

The peculiarity of the island is given by the worktop and the doors which join at 45°, thus giving the impression of a monolithic block.

The combination of Patagonia stone and heat-treated eucalyptus gives the kitchen preciousness and refinement.


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