Tailoring design: the Pittori 1931 kitchens interpret every requirement and desire made by the client. Each realization is unique and personal.

The Pittori 1931 kitchens perfectly interpret every housing requirement and every desire made by the client. Each realization is unique and absolutely personal, under each smallest finish.

The company’s multi-year experience made it possible to transform the custom-made design service into a real “tailoring” design. Designing, and creating a Made in Italy quality kitchen have no longer any secrets for Pittori 1931. This is the reason why, within the company, exclusive projects are born, able to create a fascinating stylistic mix capable to combine in perfect harmony, tradition and innovation.


The customer attention is for Pittori 1931 an absolute prerogative. All the 1931 Pittori kitchens are designed to hold professional appliances of any company. Moreover, Pittori 1931 is an Italian company focused on offering a quality service to its client: architect, designer or passionate people. For this reason, the company, always at the request of the customer, offers the possibility of providing the kitchen already complete with electrical appliances. Otherwise, the customer can always assemble the appliances in his own kitchen.

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